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About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Cross has a Master’s Degree in Bio-Resource/Environmental Engineering from the University of British Columbia and has worked as an Environmental Advisor and Analyst to many well established corporations in Vancouver.

Elizabeth is a Vancouver based artist.  She has exhibited her work throughout Vancouver and Seattle (Art! Vancouver, Lillian Art Gallery, Monika's Art Boutique, Hollyburn Country Club, Lynn Hanson Gallery etc.). She has also participated in "live" painting competitions throughout Vancouver. 

Elizabeth loves to paint large colorful and playful, flowers, faces and abstracts. She has been painting as a hobby for the last 30 years.  It was only recently, that Elizabeth went "public" with her work and she has decided that she cannot let this passion just sleepily exist in her any longer. Throughout the years, Elizabeth has  taken art classes at UBC and welding classes at BCIT. She is one of those people that has both - a "science" and a "crazy artsy creative" side and has loved to explore both over the years!

Painting for Elizabeth is a complete addiction and she is happiest when she is painting and in the "zone". Time flies and nothing else seems to matter. She even dreams of painting and what to paint next. 

The media she uses is acrylic paint, but she also uses various brushes, gels, modelling paste and sparkles to add texture and interest to her pieces.

Elizabeth is a "hopeless dreamy ridiculously loving" romantic and a lot of her paintings are named with LOVE and PASSION undertone. Some of the titles of her pieces include “My Lover’s Last Kiss”, “I am so attracted to you”, “Hurricane of Passion” etc. Her paintings are vibrant and the movement of the subject is apparent. She uses bright reds, pinks, yellows and greens. She also loves to use black and white for special contrast pieces.

Most of her work is quite abstract which is purposeful.  She wants the viewer’s eye to work to fill in the blanks and imagine the movement that each piece depicts.

Life is so very short and so very precious, so take the time to enjoy the beauty and art around the world. Even the simple curves of a flower petal or raindrop. 

Hopefully when you see some of Elizabeth's work, it will fill you with happiness, joy, LOVE and PASSION.  Just a little piece of heaven.

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